We are thrilled to introduce you to our latest venture, which promises to revolutionize the way you engage with AI generated media. 

We’re on the cusp of launching a service that creates an incredibly lifelike digital version of you, using advanced LoRA technology. 

This is more than just a digital avatar; it’s a fully realized virtual representation designed for a wide array of applications – from enhancing your social media presence to starring in digital advertising campaigns. 

Here’s what you need to know:

What Is a LoRA

Low Rank Adaptation (LoRA) is a type of AI model that works after learning relatively little information. As a result, you can train the model on a few hundred images or a couple of videos. 

This is a breakthrough as up until now, the generative AI world has been dominated by Large Language Models (such as the ones from OpenAI and Stability.ai) that fail to acknowledge creator rights nor include you in their business model.

Having bite sized AI models, rather than gigantic ones, offers a lot more control and will be the dominant commercial toolset to manage rights, revenue-sharing and responsibility into the future.

Launch Offering

We’re kicking things off by offering you the LoRA service free of charge for three months. 

It’s a fantastic opportunity for you to explore the potential of your digital twin, crafted to ensure realism and flexibility, courtesy of our cutting-edge technology. This is a limited offer, so don’t delay in Getting Started.

Choices After Trial

Following your three month, you’ll have a couple of paths to choose from. You can keep your digital twin for personal use and transition to a subscription. 

Alternatively, allow us to license your digital likeness to third parties using our rights managed system and earn up to 50% from sales and the subscription fee is waived.

Additional Perks

Initially, access to our studio generator tool will be included at no extra cost. This innovative tool is instrumental in generating engaging content with your digital twin using GPUs. As we progress, the tool will be available based on a credit system aligned with your subscription tier.

Creation Process

You get started by uploading high quality images of you so we can accurately train your digital twin. 

For a selected few, we’re offering a bespoke photoshoot opportunity, that not only contributes to the creation of the LoRA, but also delves into advanced photogrammetry for unparalleled realism, with compensation provided for both.

This initiative is designed to open new doors for you, leveraging the latest in digital technology to amplify your presence and monetization potential in the AI economy. It’s a blend of innovation and practicality, tailored to empower you in the expanding digital landscape.

What Makes VAI Instances Unique Compared To Other Offers?

The question of what sets our Virtual Actor Instances (VAI) apart centers on the comprehensive and holistic approach we take in transferring an individual’s essence into the digital realm. 

Unlike face swap technologies, or other limited digital representations, our VAI instances capture and replicate the full spectrum of a person’s physical and stylistic attributes. 

This encompasses not just the facial features but the entire body, style, mannerisms, postures, and distinctive attributes that make each person unique. 

Here’s a deeper look into why our VAI instances stand out:

In essence, our VAI instances represent a significant leap forward in digital representation technology. 

By transferring the whole person into the AI sphere, we’re not just creating a digital twin; we’re opening up a world of possibilities for personal expression, storytelling, and brand engagement in the virtual domain. 

This comprehensive approach ensures that every digital persona created is as vivid and dynamic as the individual it represents, capable of existing and interacting in any conceivable digital environment.

What Can My VAI Be Used For?

Expanding on the licensing potential of your Virtual Actor Instance (VAI), our platform opens the door to a myriad of opportunities where your digital representation can significantly amplify your professional footprint, especially in collaboration with advertising agencies and other creative entities. 

Here’s an enhanced view of how licensing your digital likeness can benefit you – with a special focus on partnerships with ad agencies and beyond.

Maximizing Licensing Opportunities:

Ensuring Ethical and Responsible Usage:

Our commitment to ethical use extends to our licensing agreements with advertising agencies and all third party partners. 

We ensure that:

Choosing to license your digital likeness through our platform is more than a passive agreement; it’s an active engagement in shaping the future of digital content creation. 

It places you at the forefront of innovative marketing strategies, aligns you with leading creative agencies, and secures a position for you in the burgeoning economy of digital and virtual media—all while ensuring your contribution is valued, respected, and rewarded.

What Can My VAI Be Used For?

As you embark on creating a digital version of yourself with us, a key question you might have is about the control you retain over your data and likeness. It’s essential to know that your autonomy and rights are paramount in our collaboration. 

Here’s how we ensure that:

In summary, your partnership with us is built on a foundation of trust, respect, and mutual agreement. You maintain control over your data and likeness, with the freedom to navigate your digital presence as you see fit. Our role is to support your creative journey, ensuring that it is both fruitful and aligned with the highest standards of ethical practice.

Compensation and Credit

Complete Guide for Creating Your Virtual Actor Instance (VAI)

Imagine you want to have a digital version of yourself that can be used to create realistic content for social media, advertising, and other platforms. This digital version is like a high-tech, virtual double of you. It looks just like you, moves like you, and can even mimic your expressions and mannerisms.

Now, to create this digital double, we use advanced technology. First, we capture your physical features, expressions, and postures. This is like taking a highly sophisticated, 3D photograph of you, but it also captures your unique features and poses.

Once we have this digital version, we can make it display you in different ways using AI models. These models are like the director of a film, guiding how your digital double behaves. But, instead of directing a real person, they direct your virtual version.

Here’s where it gets really interesting. To make sure this virtual “you” does exactly what we want, we use something called LoRA – Low-Rank Adaptation. Think of LoRA as a super-efficient way to teach and tweak the virtual you. 

Instead of having to retrain the whole model (which is like teaching a person a whole new set of skills from scratch), LoRA makes small, smart adjustments. It’s like fine-tuning your acting skills for a specific role, but doing it quickly and precisely.

The advantage for you is immense. Your digital double can be used to create all sorts of content without you needing to be physically present. It can model for photos, act in advertisements (coming soon), or even post on social media, and it all looks incredibly real. This saves you time and opens up new opportunities for your career, as your digital presence can be in many places at once.

That’s the essence of using LoRA technology with Virtual Actor Instances to create a digital representation of an actor for generating photo-realistic content.

Welcome aboard our creative journey! We’re excited to invite you into the Makery community to start using AI for your modelling and influencer work.

The following instructions give you the steps needed to get your own VAI and start earning on Makery.

If you have any issues please email us to get direct help.

Let’s embark on this creative adventure and make your VAI a reality! 🚀✨

Getting Started

1- Register your interest

The very first step is to register your interest via this form. It only takes a few minutes and we have the key information to get started.

If you are a suitable candidate, we will email you with the instructions and access for you to begin uploading your files.

2- Choosing your training library

You’ll need 400 to 600 high-resolution images of yourself to get started.

This is your chance to showcase every aspect of your personality and style, from dynamic poses and genuine smiles to your NSFW side, if you’re game. It’s a key step in bringing your unique Virtual Actor Instance (VAI) to life.

What we need from you:


Indoor or Outdoor? Both! We cherish variety. 

View Range

Full-body or Close-ups? A mix of both so we can thoroughly capture your essence. 

Video Requirements

If you are able to provide video of yourself we request a 360-degree turnaround video in good lighting to capture all angles. 


Photos should be at least 2000 pixels on the longest side, and videos should be high definition.

3. Confirm Copyright and Clearances

If you wish to submit professional photos and videos, it’s essential to adhere to the following guidelines, ensuring respect for copyright laws and ethical practices.

Submitted material is reviewed for copyright and privacy compliance. Images without proper attribution and consent will be rejected.

Engaging with our project requires adherence to legal requirements:

This approach ensures a respectful and legal use of professional media, safeguarding the rights of photographers and participants alike. Materials that are not in compliance will be rejected.

4. Choosing Your VAI's Visibility

When it comes to sharing your VAI, you have options:

Choose your visibility. You can always charge it later.

5. How to Submit Your Media

We’ve streamlined the submission process for ease:

6. Assign Copyright Requirements For Your Submitted Media

7. Inquiries and Support

For further information or if you have any concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out. 

Contact us at support@makery.ai

We’re here to assist you throughout this exciting journey, ensuring a smooth and rewarding experience. Your participation, privacy, and rights are our utmost priority.

Together, let’s create something truly groundbreaking!